Types Of Warships

World of Warships game has more than 200 ships, right from the First and Second World War. First you need to put on the commander cap, then find your ideal boat type and have your own naval fleet.

Choose the flag of the country  which you want to navigate. In World of Warships, you can also choose the best naval forces.

Study the peculiarities of each nation, their strengths and weakness, and use them in battle and develop your own tactics!


Naval  battles take place in unique landscapes in different locations around the world. From the coasts of Latin America to the waters of the north and beyond. The game includes various maps, each requiring different game tactics.


At sea, there are  many opportunities for heroic achievements and feats. Show your courage! For each battle, you can also receive heroic rewards and valuable elements  in  the game. Each battle will increase your Service Sheet. Start your naval career now!


You can also Join a team and battle real bots or players. You can also invite your friends and create your own invincible division, or join a clan to find captains of like mind. Be part of a team and take advantage of all the features of the game!


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