Special World Of Warships

World of Warships is a multiplayer war game, in which players can take on teams by controlling World War II ships belonging to any of the four historical factions: North America, Japan, Great Britain and the USSR.

The game has several dozen of different ships belonging to the four mentioned factions.

Almost all ships have been recreated with surgical precision, including some that only came to exist as prototypes.

All the details of these machines are perfectly taken care of. It incorporates a system of evolution and improvements for our ships, which will allow us to test lots of weapons and different types of new year during the game. We canĀ  try to exhaust our enemies using light ships, Until they were rolled to the helm of a giant and heavy ship. Each type of warship and each type of weapon has its own strategy and its own utility within naval battles. In this way, it will be the responsibility of the player to look for the human allies that best match their style of play. For example, the captain of a light ship will surely want the help of a heavy ship, and vice versa.

Graphically World of Warships is an outstanding title. The boats, as already mentioned, are not only well detailed but look great. And the scenery also looks spectacular thanks to an excellent water recreation. World of Warships is an excellent multiplayer game, as with its ‘brothers’ World of Tanks and World of Planes, Offers a fun game system completely free of charge. Purchases, as is customary in Wargaming games, are completely optional.