General Forum Rules

Welcome to the official World of Warships forum! The purpose of this forum is to provide you a friendly environment to discuss ideas, give some  game tips and discuss any other aspect of World of Warships with other players.

Therefore, we ask that you behave in a civilized way when you participate in this forum.

The general rules outlined below explain the behavior expected for  you and the behavior you can expect from other members of the community.

Please note that the following general rules are not exhaustive and may not include all types of offensive behavior. Because, Forum moderators and administrators may address any behavior they deem inappropriate at their discretion. In addition, the suspension or expulsion of the game will always result in the application of same penalty in the forum. Your access to this forum is a “privilege”, not a “right”. Actions taken may be milder or more severe than those listed in each category.

Before publishing any information in this forum, all users should read the following rules. These rules are mandatory for all registered users of this forum.

1.1 Registration Requirements

It is not necessary for a user to use his real name or any other form of identification that can be used later for identification , and all email addresses provided will be private. To register in World of Warships forum, users must be over thirteen (13) years old.

Each user is allowed to have a single account per server. Users are responsible for  protecting their accounts from third party access. Users are advised to select a hard-to-guess password and not to reuse that password on other sites where it can be read by site owners or administrators. It is highly recommended that users of the forum do not share their accounts or the computer they use to access the site with other people. In case of loss or illegal account access, users should report support immediately.

1.2 Purpose of the forum

The purpose of this forum is to discuss World of Warships and related topics, meet other players, and give opinions to the developers of the game

1.3 Responsibility

Our website is not responsible for messages posted by users. Our website does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy, Integrity or usefulness of any message, and is not responsible for its content. It is recommended that  user who feels that a message that is posted is questionable should contact support staff or moderators immediately. Employees and moderators of the Our website community have the ability to remove questionable messages and make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, should it be necessary. Users agree not to publish copyrighted material unless the user or this forum is the copyright owner.

1.4 Expulsion Policy

Violation of these general rules may lead to the expulsion of users of this forum by means of a temporary or even permanent suspension of their account.

1.5 Report errors

If you find a bug in the World of Warships environment you can report the problem to (World of Warships Support).